MavLink, which is the standard communication protocol in drone and UAM communities, allows compatibility with most drones and UAM’s available in the market.

eGCS Structure

2D/3D Drone Maps

2D/3D drone maps and camera overlapping ratios, depending on flight paths, camera lens, gimbal, and terrains, can be generated and simulated using accurate physics models.

Features being deleveoped

  • Labeling and recording functions of flight and mission information for analysis and debriefing
  • Application of real-time weather information to flight simulation of drones and UAM’s
  • Additional computer vision SW modules for facility inspection (eg. solar farms), derivation of vegetation indices, and so on.
  • AI application and sensor models of IR, Lidar, and so on, in real flights and simulation
  • Off-line mode for security reasons (the present GCS uses web-based GIS information)

The price of eGCS starts from $5,000 USD. Depending on the functions of mapping and vision, price will change.

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