Simulators for

Airplane Simulators

We delivered GA (General Aviation) FTD’s at FAA Level 4 and 5 to aviation schools, including Korea National Transportation University. FTD’s for SR20, C172S, and KT1 have been developed, where patented QTG (Qualification Test Guide) generator is applied to these simulators in order to guarantee the fidelities higher than or equal to level 5.

The simulators are based on X-Plane or Prepar3D, which results in cost-effective training. Brunner’s electric control loadings may be integrated to generate replicated flying qualities. ModelSim is capable of developing low cost and competitive simulators for GA airplanes of Diamond, Mooney, Piper, Cessna, Cirrus, Beech and so on.

Helicopter Simulators

ModelSim has developed helicopter simulators such as Bell 412, AS365, UH60, and so on. RTdynamics and KSR (Kohlman Systems Research) are partners in developing an AS365N2 FTD (Flight Training Device) at FAA level 7, whose customers are pilots of ROK Fire Aviation Corps. The simulator shall be used to train IFR, VFR and SAR (Search and Rescue) mission flights.

UAV Simulators

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) simulators are to train operators of UAV systems, while UAV operators are composed of external, internal, and sensor pilots

ModelSim is capable of modeling flight dynamics and sensor systems of any UAV systems including drones, and develops simulators based on COTS or open-source simulation engines, which results in high fidelity simulation at low costs. ROK Army was a customer of various UAV simulators for training external, internal, and sensor pilots.

Parachute Simulators

The parachute simulators are to train skydivers, including HALO, LALO, and HAHO. ModelSim delivered 10 units of parachute simulators to train ROK Marines, which interoperated with each other. HMD’s were used to provide jumpers with full immersion and reality. Physics of parachutes and skydiving is modeled kinetically as well as abnormal flight conditions.