Simulators for Museums

Various museum simulators have been developed by ModelSim, which include gimbal-motion airplane simulators, hang-glider simulators, ATC simulators, automotive simulators, 4D theatre ride simulators, and so on. Customized ride or interactive simulators can be developed at very low costs. Previous customers include Guacheon/ Busan National Science Museums, Yongsan National Warfare Museum, and Daejeon Traffic Safety Museum.

UAV Simulators

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) simulators are to train operators of UAV systems, while UAV operators are composed of external, internal, and sensor pilots.

ModelSim is capable of modeling flight dynamics and sensor systems of any UAV systems including drones, and develops simulators based on COTS or open-source simulation engines, which results in high fidelity simulation at low costs. ROK Army was a customer of various UAV simulators for training external, internal, and sensor pilots.